Rectal Cancer Surgery

Comprehensıve Step by Step Rectal Cancer Surgery
ISBN: 978-605-63244-0-6

This study material is mainly designed to advance the quality of Rectum Cancer Surgery and its effective application in the countries around the world.

Regarding the abovementioned study material, Dr. Cem Terzi’s comment is as follows:

“We surgeons, especially young surgeons, always more thrilled to learn and do more practice and more surgical training. We fulfill our work with great pleasure coming from nature not from desire. Therefore, this DVD material is a unique study material, which not only does show a surgical technique, also includes ways to apply surgical techniques correctly and easily. So many surgeries have been recorded on that which make it possible to get to the top techniques and methods of each of them. Some animations provide a great convenience in perception and visualization. Thus, I do believe that I had have not ever experienced such an exciting and joyous educational adventure in a long time. Being thankful to Kuzu and his colleagues is not enough though. Hence, this study materials will be a cornerstone of surgical training in our country and the world. ”

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